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Our Values

You can rest assured knowing that our team will walk through each step of the process with you before the job begins. We make sure that our customers are entirely aware of the process and how long the job will take to complete before we start working on your roof. This eliminates the stress and the guessing game of “what’s next.” From quote to clean up, our roofing professionals will not only meet, but exceed your expectations!

Personalized Approach

Excellence and Professionalism

Installing or Maintaining a roofing system is more than just putting down new product. It’s about building a superior product from the ground up. We pride ourselves on installing high-quality roofing systems that are designed to keep your property safe and energy efficient for the long term. 

We work directly with the home or property owners to design the perfect roofing system to fit your needs. We consider all the crucial elements that make a project stand out, as well as all necessary water mitigation measures. Our mix of experience, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials makes Summers Florida Roofing the perfect contracting solution.  


Insured and Guaranteed

We offer warranty programs that you can trust, backed up by our full service department. If you experience any issues with the work we perform, you can rest assured that someone will be there as soon as you let this issue be known, and we will begin servicing the roof of your home.

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