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Metacrylics Tile Solution

Metacrylics Roof & Tile Sealer improves the look and performance of tile roofs by sealing, strengthening, and restoring the surface on which it is applied. Metacrylics can be used as a seal or topcoat for tile roofing, as well as indoor and outdoor tile surfaces, including natural stone, concrete, slate, clay, and tile. It provides superior weather resistance and stays resilient in the South Florida UV and rain.  


Metacrylics is the perfect solution for both new and aged tile roofs. Metacrylics penetrates tile pores and strengthen the integrity of the surface. By filling tile pores and creating a seal on the surface, Metacrylics eliminates the large increases in live weight loads that occur when tiles absorb excess moisture.

A Beautiful Home
Before Metacrylics
During Metacrylics




Before and After Metacrylics


Metacrylics is formulated with fungicides that resist mold and mildew build-up. It is available in clear or colors, including 36 custom options. Using Metacrylics to restore tile prolongs the life of the roof system, avoiding a costly tear-off and replacement.

Metacrylics Color Chart

Metacrylics Color Chart


Metacrylics Warranty - Sample
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